Building an educational foundation empowers women to more fully reach their individual potential through creation of a sustainable and vital life.  From that stable base, each woman can maximize her multi-generational impact on the vitality and potential of others, through the multiplied effect of her conscious choices on her family, community, and beyond.  With this expansive awareness, a woman will have the necessary tools to make her impact, whether large or small.  But there is no small impact here. 

Each moment, mindfully lived, changes the balance of all it touches.

Since the potential reached in a lifetime is determined by a multitude of choices about how we use our moments, “Simply Well” begins with a focus on how to live a healthier day, in an integrated and mindful way. 

It emphasizes common sense approaches of primary prevention for achieving population wholeness that are:

  • Simple
  • Sustainable
  • Balanced

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  • Based on sound scientific research and ancient wisdom
  • Cost-effective

“Simply Well for Women” is an educational experience,

designed by two female physicians, Dr. Kathleen Mueller and Dr. Gigi Dunn. 

Their goal is to transform awareness about the path to conscious living and abundant health.