Session 7: How We Use Our Minds Matters.
Understanding The Neuroscience Of Contemplative Practices

Session 8: Intuition Matters.
Using Mindfulness To Connect The Moments Of Our Life

Session 9: Environmental Health Matters.
Clean Green Homes, Produce, Products, And Pollution


Session 10:  Movement Matters.
How We Move, Matters: Research And Philosophy

Session 11: Supplements Matter-With Caution.
Sorting Through The Mess To Know What We Need

Session 12: Closing-Connection Matters

Fully Living Each 24 Hours - Steps For The Future                                                                                  

Session 1: Introduction and Guiding Principles.
An Overview Of How We Will Spend Our Time Together

Session 2: Why Our Health Matters.
Impact Of Our Choices On Health: Individual And Global

Session 3: Change Matters.              
Change, Balance, And Epigenetics. Putting It All Together

Session 4: Nutrition Matters.
Food Is Medicine And The Science That Proves It

Session 5: Food And Beverage Choice Matters.
A Healthy Diet: The Basics On Where To Begin And Why

Session 6: Sleep Matters.
Approaches To Non-Medicated Sleep

Each educational segment will be punctuated with hands on, interactive experiential sessions where you will learn skills you can implement immediately.