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“Simply Well for Women” focuses initially on individual health as the portal

because most women have an interest in being healthy and well. 

Building a foundation for a healthy body quite naturally leads to awareness of the necessary contribution of a healthy mind and emotions to physical wellbeing.  This multi-dimensional and sequential educational program progressively builds the link between individual health and environmental health, as it makes obvious the connection between a healthy body and the impact of the environment, both external and internal. 

This leads to a more global view of the myriad of issues that need to change

in support of health, resulting in choices that support conscious consumption and

promote proactive approaches to effect those necessary changes.

Furthermore, an intended byproduct of educating women about the less well understood and deeper determinants of disease is that informed groups of women, who direct financial resources with awareness, can drive

new and more expansive directions for healthcare innovation and corporate consciousness. 

Awakened and aware citizens vote with their dollars. 

And with women making as high as 90% of the spending choices for a household, when women direct their money to products being made by companies who are also working for the greater good, they all become pro-activists.

Personal transformational awareness and sustainable individual health will lead to

global transformational awareness and global health, one life at a time.