New Orleans, where she served as Chief Resident during her final year of training. She was a founding partner of Anesthesia Consultants, Inc. (ACI) in Baton Rouge, LA. During her 20 years of practicing as a clinical anesthesiolgist, she also became the managing partner of that group of 15 physicians. After creating a merger between ACI and the anesthesia group at Baptist Hospital in New Orleans to form Anesthesia Consultants of the South, she served as Co-President of that group of 50 anesthesia providers, which covered hospitals in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

The years serving as clinician and physician executive, as well as her own personal path to create a healthy, balanced life, provided awareness of ways to improve the wellbeing of patients through early primary prevention education. Dr. Dunn saw how an educational foundation providing awareness of choices could empower people to avoid so much disease and suffering. She coined the term "physician educator" to describe the next phase of her professional evolution. Having spent the first 20 years of her professional life putting people to sleep, she decided to spend her next decades of professional service "waking them up" to the power of their choices to impact health, happiness, and life's potential.

Dr. Dunn also realized the incredible power women have to change societal norms when they are aware and mindfully engaged because they make at least 80% of decisions about where household money is spent. And because the determinants of health are so numerous and varied, and many of them are related to the environment, women can direct dollars to change corporate and political behavior that is not in support of wellbeing of the individual or the environment.

These insights fueled her growing passions to educate the public differently, and led her to complete the 2-year, 1000-hour fellowship through Dr. Andrew Weil's Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. It was there she met Dr. Kathleen Mueller, and subsequently formed the partnership that is Simply Well Productions.  Stay tuned for the shifts in perception that will be created by this duo!

Woven throughout those two decades of private practice was Dr. Dunn's ongoing renovation and stewardship of the 107-acre property north of New Orleans that became her home after completing Anesthesiology residency. Realizing the importance of the healing qualities of peaceful and serene connection in nature and the wisdom offered by the natural world, her long-term vision became the creation of an educational center for women on her property. While driving tractors, maintaining acreage, gardening, and restoration of buildings were not part of her medical training, she learned these skills, too. Dr. Dunn attributes her health and vitality to the manual labor, rest, and appreciation of nature's beauty she's been privileged to experience in the 25 years she's called this land "home".  She looks forward to the day when the experience of the programs for women at this educational center can be part of many women's path as they choose to consciously evolve, and then go on to have their own ripple effect of action in the world!

Dr. Dunn's life in medicine began in high school, when a supportive hospital administrator, who knew she wanted to study medicine, created a work arrangement for her within multiple hospital departments. Her work as a nurse's aide, a phlebotomist in the laboratory, and brief time as an assistant in the Emergency Room gave her valuable insight in to her her future profession. She completed a B.S. degree in Pre-Medicine at Northeast Louisiana University , then spent time between undergraduate and medical school receiving certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. She worked for the New Orleans Police Department's Emergency Medical Services, and it was this exposure that provided foundational awareness of the links between social circumstances and health, and the need to address issues of social justice.

Dr. Dunn received her M.D. degree from LSU School of medicine in New Orleans, LA, and completed her residency in Anesthesiology at LSU/Charity Hospital, also in