Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us on a journey through a learning experience designed to make your life and the lives of those you love better.  This program is a reflection of the many steps we walked as female physicians, navigating our path toward health, vitality, purpose, and fulfilled potential.  

Over 2 decades of trying to balance personal and professional life with all of the competing demands for both, we searched for guidance based in science but grounded in simple wisdom about how to live each part of our 24-hour day in a healthier, more satisfying way.  Have you searched for the same thing, only to find yourself overwhelmed and not knowing where to start or what sources to trust?  

We wanted information about the complex and varied determinants of a healthy, fulfilling life distilled by ONE credible source, delivered during ONE experience, in ONE location, over ONE short 2-day period that helped us choose how to live our ONE life with meaning.  The simple program for which we were searching did not exist so we used all we learned during decades of medical practice combined with real-life experiences to create it!  We hope you’ll join us on this path to expand your awareness and learn the big impact simple, sustainable actions can have as you create the life you want. 

In health, 

Drs. Gigi Dunn and Kathy Mueller

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